Fourier Rewind Moonwalks Onto Broadway

Fourier Audio’s time-travel PFL rewind software debuts on MJ: The Musical

Fourier Audio today announced that their product, Fourier Rewind, has made its Broadway debut on ‘MJ: The Musical’ . In celebration the British pro-audio startup also announced the general release of a new 64-channel ‘Professional’ edition of Rewind, targeted at freelance audio professionals across the industry.

Designed by eight-time Olivier award-winning and Tony nominated sound designer Gareth Owen, ‘MJ: The Musical’ is one of the most hotly anticipated Broadway productions of recent years, featuring the iconic hits of Michael Jackson. Fourier Rewind is a key component of the production’s audio infrastructure, giving Gareth and his team the ability to rewind up to 15 minutes into the past of all audio streams in the system at the front of house desk. 

Co-Founder and CEO, Henry Harrod said: “Following on from successful beta tests in London’s West End on shows including ‘Back To The Future: The Musical’ and ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’, we are thrilled that Gareth has incorporated Rewind into the ‘MJ’ system. It is the first of no doubt many major projects to make use of Rewind’s ability to time travel through all of the audio feeds in a system.”

Gareth Owen said: “So often I find myself in a situation where I think to myself – ‘what was that?’ – in response to an unwanted sound, typically buried somewhere in the mix. However, up until now I have never had the facility to on-the-fly listen back in time to the inputs at the desk and find what it was, resulting in most of these issues being lost to history. Rewind gives me and the team the ability to fault-find at record speed both with real-time and historical audio as a PFL rewind, helping us stay on top of the incredibly busy environment we work in”.
Fourier Rewind is available for purchase now, with today marking the launch of the 64-channel, ‘Professional’ version to complement 16 and 128 channel versions demonstrated at PLASA earlier this year. Further details and purchasing information can be found at

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