Fourier Rewind

time travel for mix engineers: don't let perfection escape you.

live engineers are busy people, working in the moment.

by combining ultra-fast monitoring, with the ability to listen back to past events, rewind provides the superhuman ability to change the future.

with integration solutions for all major mixing consoles and audio protocols, the solo button now has a flux capacitor.

88 mph here we come.

solo on steroids.

turn your solo bus into a time machine. go back in time to locate and analyse previous events.

ultimate power.

monitor and play back up to ten minutes of audio from 128 inputs at 96kHz1 , thanks to fourieraudio's revolutionary new audio processing platform.

seamless integration.

integration solutions for all major consoles and audio distribution protocols.

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  • 16 channels
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  • 32 channels
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  • access to latest features
  • 128 channels
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  • bespoke installation support
  • custom integrations
  • telephone support

final stages of beta testing underway on the west end. be the first to get access by signing up below:

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technical specifications

channel count

16, 32, 1282 mono audio streams

flux capacitor

1.21 gigawatts

sample rate

up to 96 kHz

time travel range

up to 15 minutes3

max speed

88 mph

remote control


audio requirements

any feed into Core Audio

processing latency

down to 5 ms

system requirements

macOS 10.15 or higher minimum 16 GiB RAM recent CPU supporting AVX2 iLok 2/3

1 system specification dependent
2 minimum 32 GiB RAM required
3 RAM dependent
4 coming soon

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