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Rewind gives sound engineers 15 minutes of instantly-accessible history on any channel in their system, giving them the ability to go back in time on-the-fly when monitoring any audio feed to find and resolve issues, wherever and whenever they happen.

Fourier Rewind RTA
Fourier Rewind with RTA

hear. and see.

A live real-time frequency analysis of the monitored audio allows you to easily listen to and analyse both live and historical audio - perfect for spotting that unwanted (or wanted!) frequency, or troubleshooting a broken microphone. Available with Rewind Production and Professional, from version 1.2 onwards.

easily integrate.

Rewind can be easily integrated into your system to monitor any audio feed, allowing you to simply listen back to what was said, performance mistakes and issues. By connecting rewind to any audio network, you can monitor and listen back to the last 15 minutes of any feed, or alternatively connect rewind to your console to give your solo PFL bus 15 minutes of time travel.

Fourier Rewind - monitoring
Fourier Rewind - console integration

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We offer a no-strings-attached, 14-day free trial of the 128-channel 'Production' version of Rewind. All we need is your iLok username, and the licence will be with you in seconds. Alternatively, buy Rewind online with instant delivery to your physical iLok.

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16 channels



ticket support


64 channels



real-time frequency analyser

priority ticket support


128 channels



real-time frequency analyser

bespoke installation support

priority ticket support

tech specs

channel count

16, 64, 128 mono audio streams

flux capacitor

1.21 gigawatts

sample rate

up to 96 kHz

time travel range

up to 15 minutes

max speed

88 mph

remote control


audio requirements

any feed into Core Audio

processing latency

down to 5 ms

system requirements

macOS 10.15 or higher, minimum 16 GiB RAM, iLok 2/3

download & docs

Some third party software distributed alongside or used within Rewind may be licensed under terms that entitle you to receive a copy of the corresponding source code. You can receive a copy of the relevant source code for at least three years after you download Rewind by e-mailing us at support@fourieraudio.com, or writing to us at 8 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LS. Please be sure to specify the component for which you are requesting source code and your contact details.

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